The NSO is an orchestra of excellence that has begun to expand and cultivate the ever-increasing culture scene within the UAE. Our achievements so far have been many: the NSO has performed to audiences of more than 50,000 people locally and a world-wide televised audience; it has showcased four outstanding Emirati performing artists and created scholarships for talented student musicians; and it has demonstrated a commitment to its community roots, hosting musical evenings to raise money for its chosen children’s charity.

We are proud of our beginning. But we want to do so much more. Help us raise the UAE cultural flag and bring to the attention of audiences the uniqueness of "our sound". We fuse two cultures – the classical West and contemporary/traditional Arab. There is no other orchestra quite like the NSO.

Our message is simple. Through the universal language of music we want to show that the UAE is a place where every culture, every nation, every tradition can meet and pursue our common human interest: peace, tolerance, respect, friendship and mutual understanding.

The NSO's operating income is received from earned and contributed income; the need for individual and corporate sponsorship is great and our survival is dependent upon it. Your support is vital and allows for the NSO’s ongoing programs to continue under the executive direction from Janet Hassouneh the Executive Director and Founder of the NSO. We thank you for your support and assistance in promoting music within the UAE, for current and future generations of Emirati Nationals and Expatriates.
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